Prince of Peace Parish Office

494 Main St. South

Woodbury, CT 06798

Tel. 203.263.2008

(St. Teresa of Avila Office)

Rev. James T. Gregory  Pastor 

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Office Staff

   Ralph Rescildo - Deacon

   Sr. Marilyn Cullina, CND - Pastoral Minister

   Carol Moriarty - Director of Religious Education

   Christopher Shay -  Director of Music

   Sandy Vas - Youth Ministry Coordinator

   Mary Armour - Secretary

   Ryan Budd - Seminarin​



Parish Council Members - Church of the Nativity

   Elena Banks                   Terms Expires 9/2018

   Suzanne Church                                    9/2017
   Pam Cotter                                             9/2018
   Ron Dubos                                             9/2018
   Kate Eddy                                               9/2018

   Dave McKirdy                                         9/2018
   Patty Myer                                              9/2017
   Ann Okoski                                             9/2017
   Dan Polansky                                         9/2017
   Gail Rizzo                                               9/2017
   Pat Schmeer                                           9/2017

Parish Council Members - St. Teresa of Avila Church

   Ron Artale

    Mike Clemens

​    Diane Collis

    Joan Duncan

    Don MacLean

   Carol Moriarty

    Ed Robinson

    Erica Ryland

    Chris Shay

    Sandy Vos


Who We Are

Prince of Peace Parish

Father Jim Gregory