Notes on Church Hall Meeting

September 12, 2017

Father Shellman Hall, Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem


Finance / Viability

   *  Financial Concern:  We need $12,000 /week but are only getting

       $9,500.  What will happen in three years?

   *  Concern that one of the two campuses will have to close

   *  Transition team needs to come together; the Archdiocese

      recommended 2 meetings/month for this group.

  *  Need two trustees and a new Finance Council - thank those who

      have served; acknowledge their service.

 *  We feel left out of decision-making.

 *  St. Teresa of Avila put a great deal into its renovation.  We've lost

     a large number of the elderly who feel it's too far to travel to


*  Our financial sustainability is questionable.

*  This is an exercise only because the Archdiocese knows what they're

​    doing already for the future.


  *  There is a perception that the campus with the larger number of

      people should have more influence in decision-making.

  *  We need to stop the "Us vs. Them" mentality.

  *  Lack of common liturgical practice

  *  Communication needs to be as transparent as possible.

  *  What will happen regarding duplicate or similar ministries /

      activities at the two campuses?

 *  We need to have mutual respect.

 *  We are one parish - one people - equal just as in a marriage.

Religious Education

  *  Religious Education registrations are down.

  *  The Mass as scheduled in Woodbury makes it difficult for altar

      servers to continue their ministry.

  *  Can the middle school be used for Religious Ed?

  *  Low number of catechists is a concern.


  *  Hope that this new parish will provide opportunities for more

      people to be involved and develop new ministries.

  *  Growth of individual faith and a belief that we will come together

      over time.

  *  Encouraged by the openness that is here.

  *  We want the parish to come together, to be interested, and involved.


  *  We hope that those who have left will return.

  *  Hope that people will not only adjust to this change, but embrace

      the change

  *  Our coming together bodes well for our young people

  *  Have Father be more receptive to parishioner input including the

     celebration of reconciliation 1-2 times per month including at

     St. Teresa

  *  Hope for two Masses at each campus

  *  Become one parish - one Prince of Peace Community working


  *  Get past our differences and come together - trust in the Holy


  *  Embrace this opportunity to revitalize and grow together

  *  We have many talented and intelligent people with skills who can

​      facilitate this merger

Office Staff

   Ralph Rescildo - Deacon

​   Don Banks - Business Manager

   Carol Moriarty - Director of Religious Ed.

   Christopher Shay -  Director of Music

   Sandy Vas - Youth Ministry Coordinator

   Mary Armour - Secretary




Parish Council Members - Church of the Nativity

    Elena Banks                   

   Suzanne Church                                   
   Pam Cotter                                             
   Ron Dubos                                             
   Kate Eddy                                               

   Dave McKirdy

   George Murdock                                        
   Patty Myer                                              
   Ann Okoski                                             
   Dan Polansky                                         
   Gail Rizzo                                               
   Pat Schmeer  

Parish Council Members - St. Teresa of Avila Church

    Barry Burton

    Mike Clemens

​    Diane Collis

    Joan Duncan

    Mary Hamor

   Carol Moriarty

    Ralph Rescildo

    Kathrine Rutledge

    Erica Ryland

    Chris Shay

    Mary Smith

    Robert Taylor

    Sandy Vas

Finance Committee

   Hugh Langin  (Chair)

   Mary Ellen Parlato  (Secretary)

   Charles Heaven

   John Charbonneau

   Diane Jenns

   Michael Smeraglia

   Francis Donnaruma  (Trustee)

​   Nancy Rahuba  (Trustee)

Merger News

Prince of Peace Parish

Father Jim Gregory


Prince of Peace Parish Office

494 Main St. South

Woodbury, CT 06798

Tel. 203.263.2008

(St. Teresa of Avila Office)

Rev. James T. Gregory  Pastor 

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